Hardee’s Steak, Egg & Cheese Biscuit and Burrito


Hardee’s has brought back their idea of Steak, Egg and Cheese to their breakfast menu. They attempted this before with the Ribeye Steak Egg and Cheese which featured thinly-sliced ribeye steak, a folded scrambled egg, and Swiss cheese on a made from scratch buttermilk biscuit. This time around, Hardee’s is using the pieces of steak they already have for their Red Burrito side so you are getting actual hunks of steak and not just thinly shaved pieces of ribeye steak. The biscuit and burrito options above both look fabulous.. Do you think mine will look the same?  Keep reading to find out!


The biscuit was my first adventure into the Steak Egg and Cheese options. The Steak Egg and Cheese contains tender charbroiled steak, fluffy egg & melty cheese, all on a Made From Scratch biscuit. In their defense, this Hardees was slam packed whenever I ordered this but still not a very good excuse for how sloppy this sandwich was. Half of my steak wasn’t even on the biscuit and the steak was also very wet, like it had been sitting in a liquid to try to keep it moist. The picture doesn’t do the lack of preparation much justice but the cheese was completely off centered and I had a good portion of the cheese on my paper instead of actually on the sandwich.

Taste wise, the sandwich wasn’t bad over all as the steak was tender but just not very flavorful. The Swiss cheese was a good addition to the biscuit as it really changes up the taste that you would get compared to a normal Bacon, Egg and Cheese biscuit from Hardee’s that would has American Cheese. With as good as I thought it looked in the promo picture, I expected better.

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The next day I continued my adventure back at Hardees to try the Steak Egg and Cheese burrito. The burrito has thick cuts of Steak, Egg, Swiss, and Shredded Cheddar Cheese all wrapped in a Flour Tortilla.  Again, this looks nothing like it does in the promo picture has it’s all steak on one side and all egg on the other. The promo photos show these mixed together much better than they were.

I was also lacking steak in this burrito as it was mostly Egg. If Steak is the first name listed, give me some steak. This burrito was the exact opposite as my biscuit as this one was on the dry side with the lack of steak and really the only moisture at all in this was the little bit of melted cheese. I’m glad they gave you some picante sauce to put on it because it really needed it to give it some taste and some moisture.

I love Hardee’s breakfast but both of these that I had just didn’t quite do it for me.  If you would like to save $1 when you try yours, print off a coupon here.


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