Woods Smoked Meats Chicken Fajita


I’ve featured Wood’s Smoked Meats of Bowling Green, Missouri before when I reviewed their Chicken Sandwich. This time around I’m going for their Wednesday Special, the Chicken Fajita. Whenever I first saw Chicken Fajita listed as their daily special, I wasn’t expecting to get what I got. I was expecting some dried out pieces of chicken with a few peppers and onions and topped with shredded cheese and to be eating it with my hands. This thing though was the exact opposite!  

Wood’s Chicken Fajita features a juicy blend of thinly sliced chicken along with a medley of peppers (Green, Red, and Orange), onions and smothered in a house made cheese sauce. There was no way you were eating this one with your hands, but I didn’t mind at all because it looked awfully appetizing!



This is not served with a side, but you really don’t need one because it’s an entire meal in itself. The chicken fajita mix wass juicy and very tasty. The cheese sauce looks and tastes to be house made. The cheese had a little bit of spice to it which may have been from Green Chilis because I kept getting a sense of those. There was just enough spice to know you were eating Mexican food but not enough that you are going to be paying for it later. Its only downfall was that the cheese sauce was on the thin side. I don’t want thick and globby cheese sauce but I think it could have used being a little bit thicker. All in all, this was a heck of a lunch for around $5!

If you are ever traveling on Hwy 61 in the Bowling Green, MO area, hope and pray its a Wednesday so you can try this one out for yourself!

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