Sonic Drive In Fiery Cheeseburger


Sonic Drive In’s newest limited time release to their menu are their Fiery Sandwiches. With these Fiery Sandwiches, you can try to turn up the heat on your lunch with their version of a Sonic Fiery Cheeseburger or their Fiery Ultimate Chicken Sandwich. Sonic’s Cheeseburger is now topped with red jalapeno spread, pepper jack cheese, and jalapenos in an attempt to give you that good kind of burn. On the other hand, they also serve a Fiery Ultimate Chicken Sandwich with Sonic’s Ultimate Chicken Sandwich now topped with red jalapeno spread, pepper jack cheese, and jalapenos to try to deliver a spicy heat you can’t resist.

From just looking at the promo pictures, there wass nothing to Ultimate about the Fiery Ultimate Chicken Sandwich. With only coming with cheese, jalapenos and red jalapeno spread, it’s very boring looking and probably boring on the taste buds. I’m real surprised that the Fiery Cheeseburger is served with lettuce, tomato, and onion but they didn’t throw any of that on the Fiery Chicken Sandwich while they had the chance.

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The Fiery Cheeseburger though I thought looked pretty good so that is what I went with today. Unfortunately, my  burger could have had a little more TLC in the preparation process because it came out fairly sad-looking as a quarter of my burger was hanging off my bun. My burger itself wasn’t overly warm either and the pepper jack cheese didn’t really get a good chance to melt because of it. As far as toppings are concerned, you can see my one tomato hanging off the side but there really was much lettuce, jalapenos, or red jalapeno spread to speak of.

The sandwich really didn’t have a whole lot of flavor nor a whole lot of heat. From what I could taste of the red jalapeno spread, it had a mild, but sweet taste to it. If you would have told me it was a roasted red pepper sauce, I would have beleive that more so than red jalapeno sauce. The sandwich was “ok” but not great by any means and absolutely did the name “Fiery Family” and justice because there was really a lack of any overall spice.

On a side note, tots were great! You have got to get tots when you go to Sonic Drive In. There is no other place around serving them so take advantage of having the option of not getting French Fries!

These will only be around a limited time so if you are wanting to try it out, you better do it quickly!

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