Mark Twain Brewing Company Loaded Fries


The Mark Twain Brewing Company opened in 2014 in historic downtown Hannibal. This it not my first time here, but this is my first review that I will be completing for this location. The Mark Twain Brewery keeps about 10-12 beers on tap. Most of these are their own but they have a few guest taps from other breweries that are also served. If you are looking for a small town microbrewery to sample some brews, this is a great location to try as they have a wide selection to choose from. With Blondes, Red Ales, and IPA’s on tap, you most certainly can find at least one of them to satisfy your taste buds!

After seeing a Facebook post promoting a special of the day called Loaded Fries for $4.99, I had to go in and check this item out for myself! Their Loaded Fries looked to be something right up my alley since I’m a big fan of the horseshoe! This delicious bowl was made with their house seasoned fries covered with their Beer Cheese Dip, Smoked Pulled Pork, BBQ Sauce, and Red Onions. All it was needing was a piece of Texas Toast and this thing was a horseshoe. Close enough for me so lets dig in!


I will first say, for $4.99, I thought I was going to be given a “lunch sized” portion. For someone with a healthy appetite, that typically means leaving wanting just a little bit more to be completely satisfied. That though, was NOT that case with this as it was one hell of a meal for $4.99. There was a nice large pile of crisp fries making up this base. I make sure to mention crisp because that is a key factor to a horseshoe-like meal. If you are going to cover it with cheese, do not overcrowd the fryer and make sure to let the fries get crispy. I’m not saying hard.. but crispy because when you douse them with cheese, they will soften up. These fries were PERFECT for this type of meal. Another great thing is that the fries actually had seasoning on them as well. There are so many places you go do you get a plain tasting and boring freezer fry but these were not your ordinary fries you get. These would have been good fries even if they wouldn’t have been topped with Pulled Pork, Cheese and BBQ sauce.

The pulled pork was good as it had a nice mild natural smokiness to it and didn’t taste of fake liquid smoke taste. The amount of pork you received was also a good sized portion which was great since you got such a large quantity of fries. There was enough of all ingredients to go around and last the entire meal. That is, IF you can finish it!

Of the times that I’ve been into the Mark Twain Brewing Company in the past before the start of my food blog, this is hands down the best thing I’ve ate there, especially for the price! I wish it was something that was on the regular menu maybe served with a side salad because I could see myself eating this many times for dinner with a tall cold glass of beer!

If you were curious of the wait time to get the meal over lunch, it was very reasonable. Our waitress disappeared for a little at the very end which extended the time a little bit but all in all, I was still in, eating, and out within 30 minutes which would be perfect timing if you were a local stopping in on a lunch break.

You can stop in and check out the Mark Twain Brewery for yourself at 422 North Main in Hannibal MO.

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