Burgers ‘n’ More Philly Steak


Burgers ‘n’ More Delivery LLC  is a great concept but it might be something you may have never seen or heard of before. Pizza delivery, of course, is everywhere. Chinese and sandwich delivery are in many towns as well. But cheeseburger delivery? Come on! Who has heard of that?? Well in the small central Illinois town of Carlinville, there has a place doing exactly that! Burgers ‘n’ More has been open for just a couple of months, but this idea of burger delivery could be exploding to a town near you. You can order cheeseburgers, chicken strips, hot dogs and many more of your favorite “pub food” items, and they are delivered right to your doorstep!

Upon browsing the menu for the first time, I feel a little bit odd to say that from a place called “Burgers ‘n’ More”, I didn’t go with a burger. I know, I know.. You shouldn’t go to a steak house and order chicken and expect greatness but when I saw the Philly, I just had to try it. I’ve done a few Philly steaks in my past and since they are one of my favorites, I decided to forego a burger this time and order the Philly.


I really didn’t know what to expect or how big the meal was going to be since this is my first experience with Burgers ‘n’ More, but you got much more food than I expected. This Philly Sandwich was definitely a sandwich for someone with a large appetite as you could easily split this between 2 people if you wanted. The Philly was piled high with steak, onions and peppers and loaded down with cheese sauce. The only real problem with the sandwich is that it couldn’t really be eaten like a sandwich because you had to use a knife and a fork. With the size of this sandwich and the amount of cheese sauce, it would have been a complete mess and you probably would have had to use entire roll of Bounty  to get through it.

Taste wise, the Philly was pretty good. The steak was of a decent quality and there wasn’t any fatty hunks to the meat whatsoever. The bun though was maybe a little thick but overall it was a pretty hearty roll. Surprisingly, it was able to hold up to the amount of cheese on the sandwich without it just becoming an unwanted soggy mess. To me, that is always a key factor in a Philly Sandwich and this roll stood up to the test.

I added fries to this sandwich but I really didn’t need them as there was enough with just the Philly on its own. A key thing to mention is that these fries were still crispy when I got them and were not soggy at all despite being delivered. They poked holes in the container which let a little bit of the steam escape so they weren’t soggy but not so much that they were cold. This whole meal was right at $11 bucks, which really wasn’t bad at all. As I stated earlier, it is more than a meal’s worth and could have easily been shared between 2 people or 2 meals.

For those of you who are like myself and do not live in Carlinville, Burgers ‘n’ More does not have a carry out or dine in option so it may make it a little difficult for you to try out. They are delivery only. Not to fear though, just pick a parking lot or a park to sit at they will still deliver to you! I will definitely make my way back here again some time in the future and next time around I’m going to absolutely try a burger. I look forward to my next trip through Carlinville, IL and I will be sure to post about my experience that day as well!


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