KFC Chicken Little $5 Fill Up


KFC $5 fill ups.. I’ve done these before and I’ll likely do them again because for $5 they are pretty hard to pass up. Today’s variety that I’m trying out is the $5 Fill Up featuring two Chicken Littles. Two Chicken Littles are served with a mashed potato and gravy, a cookie and a drink for just $5. You can sub out your side to potato wedges or green beans though if you want so I chose to do green beans this day instead of the heaping pile of mashed potatoes they were going to throw on me.

If you have never had a Chicken Little before, they are really nothing special. A small-sized breaded chicken tender, served with pickles and mayo on a small sesame seed bun. As I just mentioned, the chicken doesn’t really have great size to it whatsoever and it made up of mostly breading. Now of course if you go to KFC for the taste of the breading, then these are perfect for you. The Chicken Littles are small and boring and makes me feel like I’m eating a kid’s meal. The portion sizes of the chicken at KFC substantially declined down over the years as the chicken tenders, popcorn chicken, and wings are very small any more.

One trick to this to change this up is you can ask for these Chicken Littles to be dipped in their Nashville Hot sauce when they have it available. That’s a way to kick these up a notch if you like the flavor of that sauce.

Now after saying that, two of these Chicken Littles and a side and a cookie are plenty of food for a lunch time meal and overall still a decent value at just $5. I’m just warning you that the taste of these are nothing special and with your lack chicken compared to your breading, if you are disappointed, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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