KFC Georgia Gold Chicken


KFC’s all-new Georgia Gold Chicken with its tangy honey mustard BBQ sauce is now available with Extra Crispy Chicken, Extra Crispy Tenders, or on a Chicken Little sandwich. I first branched out and tried the Georgia Gold sauce last week with a Chicken Little meal but felt like I was so short-changed, that it wasn’t even worth a review. The complete and utter lack of sauce on them made you barely get even the slightest hint of honey mustard BBQ and they tasted no different from just eating a regular KFC Chicken Little.

Hoping for better luck this time, I am trying the Georgia Gold sauce on KFC’s Extra Crispy Tenders. These meals are served with 3 Georgia Gold Extra Crispy tenders, a side of Cole slaw, and a biscuit for $5.69. No drink is included in the meal and it is at full price for it to be added.


The way to start off a meal on a positive note for a food reviewer is to throw in extra food. I lucked out today as I wound up getting a smaller but still an extra (fourth) Crispy Tender. These tenders have a strong vinegar smell but I was pleased to find out that they do not an overpowering vinegary taste. You did get some honey sweetness but it was mainly a mustard flavoring. The taste on these were not bad whatsoever but the sauce had an odd grittiness to it. The more sauce you got, the more gritty it was. Almost made you happy that the tray had slots in it so the extra sauce could fall to the bottom. I don’t know if this was purposely or if some of the sugar in the honey had seized up or what the case was but I could have absolutely done without it. Also, the promo picture of these showed a few pickle slices but mine did not include anything. It wasn’t a real big deal to me though because I’m not real sure what some pickle slices would have added to this meal.

Overall, I’m glad I got to actually taste the sauce but now I understand why they may have tried to hide it and not put too  much on the Chicken Littles. KFC Honey  Mustard BBW on the Tenders had good flavor but the sandy texture was hard to overcome! I don’t think I would order these more than once.

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