Hardee’s Hand Breaded Spicy Chicken Tenders


Hardee’s brags (and for good reason) that they have the only hand breaded chicken tenders in the fast food game. Hardee’s has tried spicy tenders before but with a wet drenching of Franks Red Hot Sauce. I thought could have been improved to bring better flavor and less of a mess. This time around, they are going to try to dry season these tenders with a Cajun kick and see if they have a greater taste and success over their saucy cousin.

These chicken strips are available in 3 piece or 5 piece varieties and can come in a combo with fries and a drink. Since I think Hardee’s Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders tend to be a little on the smaller size, I splurged and went for the 5 piece meal.

I got these tenders with both a side of ranch AND some buffalo sauce just in case they needed a little extra kick. For the most part though, these tenders had enough spice just in the dry seasoning. The dry seasoning seemed to be a mixture of several different spices but mainly brought out flavor of paprika and a mild chili powder. The heat wasn’t over bearing by any means but just enough to feel some tingling on your lips and know that you weren’t eating just an old plain Jane chicken tender. Compared to KFC Nashville Hot Chicken and the Hardee’s Franks Red Hot tenders, these blew both of those completely out of the water! My recent DQ Honey BBQ Strips I think provided the best overall tender experience but these are a very close second.

Good all around meal. I love being able to get curly fries with your meal too so that is an added bonus.  These are recommended while they are out!

Try them now for $1 off a 3 piece combo by following this link here!

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