Wendy’s Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich


Wendy’s is back at it with yet another variation of their chicken sandwich. This time it is the Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich. It all starts with their freshly grilled, herb-marinated grilled chicken which is then topped with three slices of fresh mozzarella cheese. They then pile on spring mix, house-made balsamic diced tomatoes, and drizzle on a creamy basil pesto – all served atop a soft, toasted garlic brioche bun.

I will start by saying, for those of you thinking that I ate half of my fries before remembering to take my picture, you are absolutely incorrect. What a disappointment that was to pick up your meal from the counter and get a half of a container of fries. Cold fries at that.
I can get over a crappy side if I have a good sandwich to make up for it but this Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich was not it. My mozzarella was cut too thick for my liking and was just a cold glob of cheese on top of a grilled piece of chicken. The house made balsamic diced tomatoes were also very over powering and was the main sense of taste that you got out of it. On top of that, the bun was a little on the dry side for what I’m used to on a Brioche bun. I think the concept behind the sandwich was there but I do not feel like they followed through on that very well.
Today wasn’t Wendy’s best day and this wasn’t the best meal that I’ve ever had from there. After this sandwich and a disappointing amount of fries, I think I’ll chalk this one up for a loss and go back to Dave’s Single and a cup of chili. I do not see myself ever getting this sandwich again and do not recommend  you trying it either.

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