I first want to note that I am not a writer by trade, but I have always been a food enthusiast. I’ve always loved food and made silly decisions with food my whole life. I’ve struggled with weight problems but slimmed down in the last couple years. I’ve come to learn that quantity isn’t always better than quality. My food senses have been far heightened in recent years which led me to expose myself to a large variety of foods and dishes.

Being in my position at work, I tend to eat out a lot, typically every day for lunch. I’ll then mix in a few nights a week and also a random, occasional fast food breakfast. Staying at a healthy weight and eating out everyday, sometimes multiple times everyday can be a struggle. It’s not just a struggle to keep your weight at a healthy weight where you want it but to also a struggle to avoid intestinal blowout. ┬áThese articles will be a way to share with your my meals I run into on an average day and share my opinions of the meal and preparation.

I plan to review the latest items that arrive at local establishments as well as share the good and bad of the items that are sold on “everyday” menus. ┬áHop in and ride along as I try avoiding blowout on my food journey.